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**IN-STOCK with PMT Racing Slicks** Welcome to the world of 1/5th Scale Motorcycle Racing. Choose from Options Below. Electric Power SF509 Brand New Bikes from Italy. Beautiful Chinese Orange Aluminum parts. Lot's of Options available. For more information and technical questions on bikes please visit our main page at Bike's come pre-assembled by Nuova Faor ARTR requiures Electronics. Bike come's complete with 2 piece faring and rider. Requires motor, ESC and radio gear. Manual on CD and paper. Electric Motorcycle Kit: Main Frame is made of Polymers of Carbon frames are paint-able. Front Brake System, Hydraulic forks With steering lever Central flange with PMT Soft Racing Tires. Bike comes with 14T pinion gear, 3 piece front and rear wheels PMT Racing Slicks mounted but not glued with Aluminum Inserts. Electronics required we recomend the following ECS settings ( leave the timing at standard, about 10 degrees, the drag brakes at 50% and the punch turn up if I want to do the wheel stands the bike up on end no problem. We recommend to purchase the programming cord for your ESCr. The battery we recommend is lipo from RC Lipos, Inc, they have a good online store with free shipping, at least to the US, and pricing is good. We recommend to use a 7.4 volt (2S) with a discharge rating at 30 to 35C. Purchase their brand which is the Poly RC and get the mAh at about 3500 or above. Depends on how much run time you want and money you want to spend. You can run for about 20 min. all out with 4800mAh battery. If you have not used Lipo's before, you need to purchase a battery charger with a balancer which can be purchased from RC Lipos. Use the Deans ultra connectors, or comparable, for this much amperage. All my radios are now the 2.4 type. I would suggest that at some point purchase the X260 hydralic steering shock really changes the handling. Good luck and have fun:) 

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