**IN STOCK** SF701 Nitro RACE Superbike **ON SALE IN STOCK**

**IN STOCK** SF701 Nitro RACE Superbike  **ON SALE IN STOCK**
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  • Item #: SF701
  • Condition: New

**IN STOCK; PERFECT TIME TO BUY WITH THE DROP IN EURO LOWEST PRICE ON THIS BIKE EVER** The SF701 Nitro Superbike w/the Brand New NOVAROSSI BK15 Nitro ENGINE** This new bike comes with the New Novarossi BK15 same engine NF won the Worlds 2016 Championship. Everything seen in pictures NF Tools, including the clutch tool and T-Shirt. Comes with body and rider that you paint. Bikes come's with PMT F&R tires they are not mounted on bike what you see are the hard inserts that come mounted on the wheels. Take advantage of our Layaway Plan and save you 5% if you want to make payments this is working real well for customers!  GNO is offering an optional way to purchase only a couple of the NF Bikes and this SF701 Nitro is one of them. You can now Layaway this bike or purchase in full choose from Option's below. By choosing Layaway you save 5% off the price of the bike and we will order or put on Layaway for you for minimum 30 days. Anytime after the 30 day period you can finish paying for your bike or make payments for up to 6 months we will ship your bike when paid in full. You can take up to 6 months to pay this way making payments every month until paid in full. To purchase your bike this way requires only a $300 deposit plus the $5 shipping total of $305.00. International orders will be more because shipping is more but remember we will knock 5% off the price of the bike! GNO truly believes in this bike for beginners and advanced and therefore we want to make it as easy as possible for you to own one of these incredible RC 1/5th scale World Championship Bikes! After your purchase we will send you an invoice with the 5% discount applied your deposit credited and let you know your balance how easy is that? The email you receive from this automated system will not be correct we will send you the corrected updated invoice with discount and deposit separately.

Nuova Faor has done it again check out their new SF701 ARTR Superbike Novarossi powered. Customers are loving this new bike easy to control extremely FAST! Equipped with NF's new wheel system, new swing arm, shorter pro-forks, new inverted 3 piece clutch design. Also comes with new rider and faring pieces, NF Bike Carrying Bag and NF Work Mat no longer come's with clutch tool. This is an ARTR bike all assembled you install your radio gear. Wheel weights are available but not needed. The nitro bike now uses 3 mini size servos (Savöx SH-1250), the third servo is for the front brake only and allows easier adjustment of the brake balance. You can use any servo here are the recommended specs you do not need aluminum case see specs:

Dimensions(mm): 35.0X15.0X29.2
Weight(g): 29.6
Speed(@4.8V sec/60): .16
Torque(@4.8V oz-in): 30.6
Speed(@6.0V sec/60): .11
Torque(@6.0V oz-in): 63.9
Gear: Metal
Bearing: 2BB
Case: Aluminum 

The carbon chassis is reduced to the max, easy to maintain and as narrow as can be. Top of the line super-bike has more stability easy to drive hard to crash. The new Novarossi BK15 Nitro engine included is the latest improvement made by Novarossi won the Worlds in 2015! Bike is assembled ARTR engine and clutch installed you install your radio gear. Comes with PMT slick tires that you install using the hard inserts as seen on the wheels in pictures. You will also need to cutout and paint the faring and rider that is included.

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