OPS Marine 120 RCB Nitro 5.50 +HP **IN STOCK**

OPS 120RCB Marine Engine
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**IN STOCK**  OPS Marine 120 RCB Marine In-Board Nitro Engine. Engine comes with florescent green water cooled head and drive assembly. Engine has carburetor mounted. Comes complete with remote needle valve that can be controlled by 3rd channel for optimum tuning. Silicone clear exhaust coupler, steel drive connector, allen wrenches. New design 120RCB Bi Metal marine engine in a 80 size crankcase so small and compact (886gr) comes with water-cooled manifold, choose from pipe below in options. In Europe they allow this engine to run in the 120 class in Europe because of it's horse power and torque even though the displacement is under 120. Choose from the options below to add exhaust or glow plugs that do not come with engine. Specifications: Florescent Green water jacket cooling head and drive assembly. Displacement 1.11CID, Bore: 1.024, Stroke .903.  Maximum power over 5.50HP R.P.M (max. power) 6000-24000 R.P.M. Weight/Weight 870gr Coupling Sleeve-racking-Transfer ports Decanting OPS/ports ABC scheme Rod/Connecting aluminum rod needle bearing rod Steel Ball Bearing's Needle Bearing Rod Carburetor/Carburetor Logo -Drum/Rotary (Remote needle for on-board tuning by 3rd channel) Type of Glow plug type Standard Type of discharge/Exhaust position Lateral/side. We carry full line of OPS engines and parts give us a chance to earn your business at GotNitro Online. 

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